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Casually Thoughtful



The World can be a very demanding place for a woman. She is expected to juggle multiple responsibilities- relationships, career, motherhood, manage multiple roles while always having a smile on her face and be an epitome of perfection. While its important to be thoughtful and determined, what is life if cannot let your hair down, embrace serendipity and take things as they come?

Casual and free while being thoughtful and responsible is what The Small treasures stands for. Our designs use free, lightweight materials like faux leather, lace and textile to give you casual, everyday wear, comfortable pieces that you do not need an occasion to wear. They are small, they are minimalistic; but each piece has a thought, a concept , an inspiration behind it that we hope you will treasure forever. We would love to welcome you to our universe and share the casual thoughtfulness that will make the world a better place to live in.



A physiotherapist by training and a dancer at heart, I found an outlet for my creative itch through jewelry designing. As I went through my day job designing fine jewelry, I learnt a lot about design aesthetic, wearability and detailing. These skills helped me transform my vision for a casual, accessible, comfortable and concept-based jewelry into reality. A leather catalogue, originally meant for sampling fabric for my sofa ended up becoming an experiment in crafting. Tinkering with the leather pieces culminated in the creation of small treasures.


My earliest memory of myself has been sitting with a coloring book and enjoying filling up pages and pages with bright resonating colors. The Arts and crafts always appealed more to me than facts and numbers. I studied to be a physiotherapist and worked at a hospital but the creative itch never left me and I ended up switching careers to become a jewelry designer. As I worked with fine jewels, gold and polki, I always imagined creating more casual and accessible jewelry that would still be equally expressive. A leather sample catalogue originally meant to act as reference for furniture selection ended up becoming an experiment in crafting for me and Small Treasures was born. There was no looking back from there and I am so glad that I am able to share my creative experience with you all and thank you so much for supporting a small business such as mine!